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With UMovers you never have to worry about hidden surprises or fees. You will only be charged for the time we are working for you as opposed to having to pay a large upfront cost.

At UMovers we believe that you should only be charged for the time that we're working for you. Many moving company's charge an overpriced pre-move fee no matter how big or small the job. At UMovers we charge at an hourly rate so that you only are charged for the effort put in to making your move a success.

UMovers can provide trucks for your move varying from 10 to 26 ft for a flat cost plus gas fees on local moves. For long distance moves truck costs are determined based off mileage between locations and gas costs.

At UMovers we understand that moving can be a difficult and complicated time with lots of unexpected twists and turns. That is why as long as you cancel your move 24 hours before your scheduled move time there will be no cancellation fee.

The most important part about UMovers pricing is there will never be any unexpected or hidden fees. All of the potential costs for your move will be laid out for you by a UMovers customer service representative beforehand so that there will be no unwanted surprises.

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